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ALBACH DIAMANT 2000 Chopping mill

Code: DIAMANT 2000

The Diamant 2000 is a mobile chipper for the production of wood chips. It is designed with innovative technology and large scale in order to meet the demands of today’s forestry industry. The machine is agile and flexible in providing, even in difficult terrain. Besides Silvator 2000 provides the Albach Maschinenbau Since 2013 with the Diamant 2000 another chipper model.

Standard equipment

The 2000 diamond cabin has heating and air conditioning. The driver can enjoy maximum comfort while working. The cabin can be raised to 4.6 m, giving the operator the greatest possible overview of the work process. A comfortable seat with side control units rotates 180 degrees.

Diamond 2000 has a driver-adjustable control. The lift is operated via ergonomically positioned MINI-JOYSTICS, which allow for very precise control.

Chopping knives:
The blades are positioned symmetrically in the direction of rotation on the DIAMANT 2000. A total of 12 knives ensure an even length of chips. The knives so positioned make the work fluid, calm and the cut requires little power.

In the case of larger foreign bodies, the counterweight is withdrawn by an overload fuse.

Ejector tube:
The DIAMANT 2000 has a discharge hose that swivels 210 degrees so that it is possible to fill the trailers on the side and rear. The ejector hose has an additional hydraulically driven fan increased by the length of the ejector. The ejector hose is foldable, making it easier to maintain.

DIAMANT 2000 has a lift type 5110 F with a reach of 10.10m and 1 t of lift (at 10.10m). The 200-liter high-capacity Load-Sensing pump provides comfortably operated lifts and ejector pipes.

The chassis boasts a very quiet operation, strong construction and the ability to drive on terrain or on the road.

Technical information:
V8 Volvo engine with 612 Km. SCR technology with high torque and low power consumption

1.23 m wide, 980 mm high mill inlet duct.
Direct drives without chains and without maintenance
Central lubrication
Highway driving license
Quick change of counterweight
32 work lights

a powerful Volvo engine with 612 HP
road speed 70 Kmh
comfortable cabin
lots of standard equipment
optional equipment


Additional equipment

Business package:
With the Business package, we can increase driver comfort. Business equipment includes a refrigerator, drawers, a coffee table and also a microwave. It is possible to install a laptop, a printer ..

Radio control:
The trailer or ejector hose can be filled by the driver via radio control.

WEBASTO preheat enables the cab and engine to preheat

Optionally, DIAMANT can be equipped with Xenon work lights.




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