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BERGMANN Manure Spreader M 1080

Code: BERGMANN M1080

The BERGMANN M1080 single-piece metal cone spreaders are standard equipment, making it easy to clean and maintain the machine. The M1080 spreaders have a standard 4-roll vertical spreader with direct drive and an off-clutch that accurately crushes and evenly distributes the spreading material across the fields. Automatic tensioning of hardened chains (30 t of total tensile force) is on the outside of the spreader. The scraper bottom hydraulic drive is standard on the M1080.

Standard equipment

Technical information:
– total weight 8000 kg
-last weight 2235 kg
– payload 5765 kg

– caisson length 4.20m
-basket width 1.80m
-height 2.67m
-volume 6.80ccm

Required tractor power 70-100 hp

– one-piece metal conical caisson
– Robust workmanship
-4 upright cylinders


Gross weight:8,000 kg
Dead weight:2,235 kg
Load capacity:5,765 kg
<b>Bridge dimensions</b> 
Length:4,200 mm
Width:1,800 mm
Height:570 mm
<b>Vehicle dimensions</b> 
Length:6,300 mm
Width:2,070 mm
Height:*2,720 mm
Loading height (series):1,900 mm**
Spreading units 
vehicle load capacity:6.80 m³
Scraper floor drive:hydr.
Power demand 
KW51 – 88
h.p.70 – 120




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