BERGMANN ROYAL self loading wagons


The BERGMANN ROYAL silage hoists are equipped with a two-rotor pick-up system. 41 blades in one row allow a theoretical cutting length of 34 mm!
The silos from the ROYAL series are suitable for both professional farmers and machine operators.

Standard equipment

Bergmann Royal


    2 rotor system
    41 knives in one row, tool-free
    34 mm theoretical cut length
    serial central lubrication
    pick-up width 1,90 m

TOP feed quality

    two-rotor system
    without wrinkling
    uniform feed structure in the quality of silage harvesters

TOP control

    modern control comfort
    high daily capacity
    low maintenance
    high reliability

With Bergmann ROYAL silage loaders, two separate rotors are cut and pressed, which increase the working capacity and reduce the power required for operation.

The 1.90m wide pick-up device and 41 blades in a row allow a cut length of 34mm. Tandem chassis with parabolic springs and a total weight of 16 tonnes offers high stability, comfort and light traction.

ROYAL silage loaders can be fitted with metering rollers (S series) and a metering table. Standard lubrication also includes central lubrication, which facilitates the maintenance of the trailer.


Additional equipment

– lower connection
-Filling automation
-3 metering roller
-LS- system
– crossbar
-winding shaft


Different tires

-500/50 17
-500/55 20
-560/45 R22,5
-620/40 R22,5




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