Box trailer Humbaur 5102

code: 5102

Double door rear, opening app. 1685 x 1960 mm


The tandem plywood box is attractive with ist sophisticated detailed solutions and is versatile uses. The frame and chassis are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and give the plywood box series a long service life. The side walls are made of 15 mm multilayer wood (with the HK25 4018-20P, 18 mm thick) with special plastic coating which, if desired, can be covered with your company’s advertising for an additional charge. The roof consists of a GRP panel (not with the HK25 4018-20P) with additional galvanized steel support beams in the interior. Optimal illumination of the interior is guaranteed by means of this translucent GRP roof All plywood boxes are equipped with hinges and a lockable espagnolette made of galvanized steel (stainless steel with the HK25 4018-20P). Plastic seals that make waterproof transport of your goods possible are mounted on the doors. The solid galvanized and powder-coated steel corner reinforcements in the roof area and on the front wall below give the Humbaur plywood box extreme stability. The floor of the plywood box consists of special multi-bonded wood so as to be waterproof. It has slip-resistant phenolic resin coating and is 15 mm thick (with the HK25 4018-20P, 18 mm thick). The integrated side tie-down system (not with the HK25 4018-20P) is fitted in the anodised aluminium frame profiles. Each Tie-down ring has got a traction force 400 kg and is approved by DEKRA. On each side there are mounted 3 tie-down rings. This system can be expanded if so desired and gives the carrier sufficient possibilities for securing the cargo. Edge profiles, a warp-resistant rear portal and rain gutters are made of anodised aluminium and offer maximum protection against corrosion. The tandem plywood box from Humbaur, the ideal partner for transporting your goods.

Technical data

Standard equipment

  • Hot-dip galvanised v-shaped coupling
  • 13-pin plug and reversing light
  • 18 mm base place
  • Side walls and roof made of 18 mm plywood with GRP coating
  • Double door rear
  • Espagnolette lock and hinges stainless steel
  • Jockey wheel

Technical data

Trailer type
Two axle
Construction type
Total weight
Load capacity
Inner length
Total length
Inner width
Total width
Inner height
Total height
Loading height
15 inch



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