STANDARD circular saw SC 700 CD-T


The new STANDARD circular saws are powered by tractor (PTO) drive or by an electric motor. They ensure quick and safe production of firewood and are easy to move. Long service live is ensured by their compact structure..

Standard equipment

  • Construction made of high quality sheet metal
  • Safe and quickly done work is ensured
  • PTO or electric drive model
 The STANDARD circular saws have compact construction as they are made of high quality sheet metal. They were designed according to the latest safety standards and user friendly criterias. Therefore, each circular saw is easy and safe to use, it enables fast and efficient work and can be easily moved from one place to another.
  1. Three-belt drive.
  2. Saw blade with carbide metal segments (Widia).
  3. Large rubber wheels and easy-to-carry handles for simple transportation.
  4. 4 kW electric motor.
  5. Additional support for working with longer logs.


Technical data:


Model typeSC 700 CD-T
Recommended tractor power19 kW
Saw blade diamenter700 mm
Max. cutting diameter300 mm
Vidia saw bladeserial
Fitted conveyor belt length4 ali 5 m
Fitted conveyor belt width25 mm
Fitted conveyor belt drivehidromotor
Weight345 kg
Lenght1.280 mm
Width1.020 mm
Height1.020 mm

Additional equipment

gripper above
saw blade



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