Disc rotary mower SILVERCUT DISC 300 F

Code:​ DISC 300F

Because of its robust and well-thought-out design the SILVERCUT DISC F mower offers long term and reliable use. The front mower offers great visibility and excellent control while mowing. The mower is very responsive and is very accurate when mowing near the edge, the fence or other obstacles. The lower pushing force on the cutter bar allows the mower to respond better to changes in terrain. This offers an even and clean cut and does not damage the grass.

Standard equipment & Technical data

Working width (m) 2,97
No. of discs 7
No. of blades 14
Blade dimensions (mm) 110x48x4
Discs rotation speed (rpm) 3000
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 1000
Weight (kg) 580
Tractor power req. (kW/HP) 46
Capacity (ha/h) 3,50
Cutting height (mm) 40-70
Swath width (m) 1,40 – 2,40
Transport width (m) 3,00

Additional equipment

Wear skid
Topping skid, 7–10 cm
Disc extension
Curtain protection rail
Quick A Frame linkage PH2
Quick A Frame linkage PH2 alpine
Hitch extension 350 mm
Lower hitch extension 250 mm
Top hitch extension 150 mm
Lower hitch extension 150 mm
Spring – for Hitch extension 350 mm
Additional swath wheels, LH and RH
Road safety equipment
Lighting equipment
BY-PY PTO shaft for angles from 20–30°




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