Garlic splitter - 150 kg/h ERME E150

Šifra: E150

The garlic bulbs are placed in the hopper, a ridged feeding belt feeds the splitting unit.
The garlic is split between a specially designed soft belt and a moving up & down top rubber plate. Rubber stars help to finish the splitting process before an optimal manual finishing. A suction removes all the skins and waste to leave the clean cloves to be graded. 


The E150 splitter has a total power of 1.70Kw 380v three phase, this machine is made of the following units: 

A feeding belt
– Moto variator 0.37Kw 380v threephase
– A 150kg hopper (Large feeding hopper on request)

A splitting unit
– A belt with a top moving rubber coated plate adjustable according to the different grades.
– Six rubber finishing stars
A 0.55kw 380v triphase skin & waste suction unit with power adjustment

A manual finishing belt for 2 to 4 people

-A clove grading drum

-Machine output: 150 kg/h to 200 kg/h






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