K.U.L.T. – Kress Vineyard Maxi weeder

Code: Kress Vineyard Maxi weeder


Accurate weed control on top of the ridge and on beds

Obseg uporabe:

Vsi posevki na grebenih, kot so čebula, zelišča itd. Orodje za plevenje v8 cm majhnih dvojnih vrsticah. Najmanjša razdalja 24 cm

Technical data:

Range of use:

All crops on ridges like onions, herbs, etc. Tools for weeding in 3“ small double-rows Minimum row distance 9.5“

Revolution in the vineyard

weed control inside the plant row with little effort we find an individual solution for your requirements

Fingerweeder MAXI Ø 27.56”, model vineyard and tree nursery

shank 1.97×1.97”/ 50×50 mm with additional stiffed adjustment of support with SKF reinforced bearing and extra strong shank 1.97×1.97”

Mini-MAXI Ø 540 mm with reinforced bearing and extra strong shank 50×50 mm
Version RED, extra strong Version YELLOW, medium Version ORANGE, soft




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