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Manure spreader BERGMANN TSW 5210


With the BERGMANN TSW 5210-A16 spreader with a wide-angle spreader, we can spread various agricultural materials as well as lime in different forms.

Standard equipment

The BERGMANN TSW 5210-A16 spreaders, in tandem construction and carrying capacities of 16 to 22 tons, are suitable for spreading different materials from agriculture and lime of different shapes due to the powerful spreading system on two plates.
The spreading width is approx. 25 m or more. The scraper bottom with 4 chains 14×50 mm and automatic tensioning ensures long service life and reliable movement of the spreading material.

Technical information:
– maximum total weight 16-22000 kg
– weight: 7310-8100 kg depending on the model
– load capacity: 8600-14690 kg depending on the model

– caisson length: 5.90 m
– caisson width: 2.05 m
– caisson height: 1.32 m

Overall dimensions:
-Length: 8.45 m
Beam: 2.55 m
-height: 3.30 m

Required power factor:
-120-250 hp

Additional equipment:

-central lubrication
– hydraulic cover for plates – for spreading at borders, roads …





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