Manure spreader ORION 50 ALP

Code:​ ORION 50 ALP

Muck spreader with a Gross weight of 5 Tonne with wide track and low center of gravity provide sufficient stability and optimal distribution of manure on almost any terrain.

Standard equipment & Technical data

Gross weight (kg) 5000
Load capacity (kg) 3700
Weight [kg] 1300
Max. length (m) 5,07
Max. width (m) 2,36
Max. height (m) 2,6
Height of sides (m) 0,5
Loading surface (m) 3,2×1,6
Loading volume (m3) 2,6-5,2
Drawbar load (kg) 1000
Required tractor power [kW] 29
Distance between wheels (m) 2070
PTO (rpm) 540

Additional equipment

Brake hydraulic single axle
Brake pneumatic one axle single circuit
Brake pneumatic one axle double circuit
Spreading device protection haydraulic wall
Hydraulically movable rear wall
Tyres 15/55×17
Tyres 11,5/80×15
Tyres 15/55-17 10PR AS -tractor profile
Wall extensions – steel (0,5 m )




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