Manure spreader ORION 80

Code:​ ORION 80

The ORION 80 manure spreaders have a gross weight of 8,0 tones. Having spreading unit with four vertical beaters, overrun brake, hydraulic spreading unit protection and hydraulic drive of the floor conveyor.

Standard equipment & Technical data

Gross weight (kg) 8000
Load capacity (kg) 5700
Weight [kg] 2300
Max. length (m) 6,65
Max. width (m) 2,23
Max. height (m) 2,79
Height of sides (m) 0,60
Loading surface (m) 8,86 (4,60 x 1,90)
Loading volume (m3) 5,20 (9,80)
Drawbar load (kg) 1300
Required tractor power [kW] 59
Distance between wheels (m) 1,70
PTO (rpm) 540

Additional equipment

Brake pneumatic one axle single circuit
Brake pneumatic one axle double circuit
Wall extensions – steel (0,5 m )
PTO shaft
Single-axle hydraulic brake
Hydraulic manure-dosing wall
Lower drawbar
Wheel 500/50-17 14PR
Mesh extensions (50 cm)
Overrun brake set
PTO shaft with an automatic clutch 1650 Nm




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