Mower combination SILVERCUT DISC 800 CRC

Šifra:​ 800CRC

SILVERCUT DISC 800 C RC mower combination is a version of the SILVERCUT mower with a rubber kneader combined with the SILVERCUT DISC 300 F RC front mower. The triple combination is intended for larger farms and mowing service providers that require high productivity, durability, ease of use and low maintenance costs from the machine. The attachment of the arm’s attachment and the mid-point of the ridge ensures optimal adaptation to the terrain. Maximum terrain adjustment angle ± 15°.

Standard equipment

Tehnični podatki in standardna oprema:

Working width [m]: 8
Weigh[kg]: 2320
Transport width [m]: 2,86
Transport height [m]: 3,5
PTO rotation speed (rpm): 1000
Disk rotation speed [rpm]: 3000
No disks: 14
Tractor power req. (kW/HP): 120
No. of blades: 28
Capacity [ha/h]: 10
Transportation width (m): 1,40-2,80
Conditioner type: rubber roller
Drive cardan

Additional equipment:

Slider extra
Slider for higher cut

Disc elevation



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