Rotary rake STAR 600/20 T

Code: 600/20T

STAR 600|20 T is a double modular rotor rake with 20 individually replaceable tangential arms with four double spring tines, a tandem frame and two height-adjustable rotors with two ball bearings. Designed for two single swaths or one double side swath.

Standard equipment & Technical data

Working width (m) 3,40 – 6,20 / 6,00
Swath width (m) 0,60 – 1,20
No. of tine arms per rotor (machine) 10 (20)
No. of spring tines per arm 4
Rotor diameter (m) 2,85
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540
Recommended PTO rotation speed (rpm) 350 – 450
Weight (kg) 1480
Required tractor power (kW/HP) 30
Capacity (ha/h) 7,00
Working height adjustment mech
Safety clutch (Nm) 900
Machine width (m) 3,56
Transport width (m) 1,73 – 2,99
Machine height (m) 1,50
Transport lenght (m) 7,64 – 8,23
Tyre size – rotors 18×8,5-8 4Ply

Additional equipment

Additional wheel with chain
Tandem axle kit
Road safety equipment
The second swath curtain
Double jockey wheel




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