Self-loading wagon SENATOR 17/9

Code:​ SENATOR 17-9

Our self-loading wagons have a robust structure and are virtually maintenance free. They perform outstandingly both on steep terrain and level ground.

Standard equipment & Technical data

Transport length (m) 5,83
Transport width (wide track) (m) 2,06 (2,38)
Transport height – max/min (m) 2,84/2,21
Transport height (low centre of gravity, wide track) – max /min (m) 2,69/2,06
Volume (max/min) (m3) 17/10
Volume DIN11741 (m3) 11,22
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540
Weight (kg) 1796
Required tractor power (kW/HP) 20/27
Number of blades 9
Pick-up unit width (m) 1,53
Max. total weight (kg) 3000
Max. axle load (kg) 2500
Max. load of towing eye (kg) 500

Additional equipment

Hydraulic brake
Hydraulic brake holder
Hydraulic brake holder – wide track
Single-axle, single-line air brake
Single-axle, double-line air brake
Wheel 11,5/80×15
Wheel TY.400 / 50-15 10PR TL
Wheel 15/55-17-10 PR AS- 6LUK. ET-40
Wheel 380/55-17 FLOTATION + 6X ET-40
Wide trackSupport leg


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