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Self-loading wagon SENATOR 26/9

Code:​ SENATOR 26-9

Our self-loading wagons have a robust structure and are virtually maintenance free. They perform outstandingly both on steep terrain and level ground.

Standard equipment & Technical data

Transport length (m) 7,33
Transport width (wide track) (m) 2,06 (2,48)
Transport height – max/min (m) 3,12/2,40
Transport height (low centre of gravity, wide track) – max /min (m) 2,76/2,00
Volume (max/min) (m3) 26/14
Volume DIN11741 (m3) 16,50PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540
Weight (kg) 1998
Required tractor power (kW/HP) 35/48
Number of blades 9
Pick-up unit width (m) 1,53
Max. total weight (kg) 4000
Max. axle load (kg) 3200
Max. load of towing eye (kg) 800

Additional equipment

Hydraulic brakeHydraulic brake holder
Hydraulic brake holder – wide track
Single-axle, single-line air brake
Single-axle, double-line air brake
Wheel 11,5/80x15Wheel TY.400 / 50-15 10PR TL
Wheel 15/55-17-10 PR AS- 6LUK. ET-40
Wheel 380/55-17 FLOTATION + 6X ET-40
Wide track
Support leg
Wheel 15/55×17




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