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UNIFOREST Forestry winches H - 65 HF/ Hfpro


The hydraulic forestry winch 65 HF / HFpro with pulling force of  6,5 t can be installed either at front or rear. It can be with an unwinding device (HFpro) or without (HF).


  • Possible installation at front or rear
  • SMART 3in1
  • AUTO STOP function
  • Unwinding device
  • Control console
  • Plenty of room on the front side of the butt plate
  • Foldable window guard
  • Robust construction
  • Superior design with ergonomic shape
 Hydraulic forestry winch 65 HF / HFpro with pulling force of 6,5 t ican be installed at front or in the rear. Model HFpro has built-in unwinding device and SMART 3in1 function, additionally is AUTO STOP function also possible. The work is done via the control console or remote control. Foldable window guard makes transport easier. A winch recognizable design with a robust construction and a compact butt plate prevents wear and makes it easy to work with. Model 65H is without unwinding device.

Front and rear attachment

Winches 65HF and 65HFpro can be installed at front or rear. Both models have unwinding device as standard equipment.

Front installation: PTO shaft should be installed to the lower PTO drive – rotation to the left (1000 min-1).
Rear installation: PTO shaft should be installed to the upper PTO drive – rotation to the right (540 min-1).


SMART 3in1

(1) When pulling logs with a tractor, you may encounter some obstacles on the road (hill, roots etc.). If the tractor is not able to overcome these obstacles, the unwinding function can be switched into the mode without the assistance of the unwinding device and you can continue driving with a taught wire rope between the winch and the load. (2) The unwinding device can be turned on and off without delay (the standard model has a 1.5 sec. delay). (3) The SMART 3in1 function ensures additional tension of the wire rope between the unwinding pulley and drum.

This function is only available with the remote controls Teleradio, Terra funk and manual console.



To make the wire rope unwinding easier you can choose a winch with an integrated unwinding device. This type of winch also guarantees a constant tension of the wire rope between the unwinding pulley and the drum, thus preventing damage to the drum or pulley and enabling a longer service life.

AUTO STOP function (limit switch) automatically stops the function of winding the wire rope on the drum. This function prevents mechanical damages of the unwinding device, entanglement and wire rope damages.


Technical data

Model 65 HF65 HFpro
Pulling forcekN6565
Wire rope medium speedm / s0,600,60

Drum capacity

m / mm120 / 11
100 / 12
80 / 12 – Standard
120 / 11
100 / 12
80 / 12 – Standard
Recommended tractor powerkW / HP45-70 / 61-9545-70 / 61-95
PTO shaft revolutionsmin-1540540
1800 – Option
Height without safety guard
Height with safety guard



Weight without wire ropekg564
584 – Option
Trailer tow hitch StandardStandard
Lower pulley StandardStandard
Chainsaw holder StandardStandard
Pickaxe holder StandardStandard
Foldable window guard StandardStandard
Multi-plate clutch StandardStandard
Unwinding device /Standard
Auto Stop function OptionOption
Smart 3in1 * /Standard

Dedicated valve for wire rope
constant tensioning

Control electro hydraulicelectro hydraulic
Connection category (coupling) II, IIIII, III

* Only available if the unwinding device is installed



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